Consequences Of Violating DUI Probation

A probation sentence is typically accompanied by terms and conditions that you must adhere to. If you are serving out a probation sentence, you should do your best to adhere to the terms of your sentence because doing otherwise would attract serious consequences, such as the following:

Community Service

This is a light sentence that is usually reserved for first-time violators or "simple" violations. For example, if one of the conditions of your probation was to avoid alcohol and all places where alcohol is served, you may be sentenced to a community service if you break your probation terms by going into a bar.


Rehabilitation is usually reserved for those who seem to be having a genuine problem with alcohol. The aim is to wean you off alcohol addiction and, hopefully, prevent a future DUI from you. Therefore, if the authorities learn that you have been imbibing the brew from time to time under the radar, you may have no choice but to enter into rehab.

Monetary Fines

In some cases, the judge may also order you to pay a monetary fine as a way of punishing you. This is especially the case if other alternative measures don't seem to be helping you. This type of punishment is even more likely if your probation-violating activities have caused further harm or affected other people. You may also be ordered to pay restitution to the affected parties.

Increased Probation Duration

When you are sentenced to probation, the judge also specifies the duration in which you are to serve it. However, this duration is not set in stone; there are circumstances in which it can be lengthened, and a probation violation is one of them. In fact, the judge may even impose new terms and conditions for your probation.

Probation Revocation

In most cases, the judge has the discretion to extend or revoke your probation, depending on the severity of your violation. This means that if you violate your probation, the judge may cancel the probation altogether and order you to serve your original sentence. For example, if your original conviction carried with it the penalty of incarceration, then this is what you will face if you violate your probation.

Do your best to obey the terms of your probation to avoid the above consequences. However, in case you are accused of violating the terms of your probation, you don't have to accept your punishment lying down. Consult a DUI lawyer to help you avoid severe penalties. Check out websites like