Collisions With Motorized Devices: Obtaining Recovery

In recent years, more and more motorized vehicles have made their way off the road and onto the sidewalk. For commuters, these devices are a lifesaver, but for innocent bystanders, electric scooters and bikes can pose a real danger. As if the injury from a collision with a motorized vehicle isn't enough, victims involved in these events are often left with medical bills and other expenses they have to take care of.

Are You Responsible for Someone Else Getting in a Wreck in Your Car?

Car insurance has made the burden of car ownership a lot easier for many people to bear. When you're involved in an accident, being insured prevents you from being stuck with a huge bill that would cripple your finances. However, there is always the question of what would happen if someone else was driving your car at the time of the accident. When the owner of the car isn't the one driving at the time of the accident, this can affect how the claim is made.

Co-Parenting Gone Wrong: What Not To Do

Co-parenting is essentially the way you parent with your ex after your divorce. It's supposed to be parenting in a parallel way with your ex so the kids get the same type of parenting in both households, much like your children did when you were married. You should be on the same page with practices such as bedtimes, schedules, discipline, and other areas of parenting. There are things you may be doing that could be derailing co-parenting with your ex and your relationship with your children.

Contributory And Comparative Negligence For Slip And Injury Accidents

If you are deemed to have contributed to your slip and fall accident case, then the legal theories of contributory or comparative negligence may be applied to your case. In such a case, your damages may be voided or reduced depending on your level of contribution to the accident. For example, you may be deemed to have contributed to the accident if: You Were Distracted Distraction is one of the leading causes of accidents, whether in the workplace, while driving, or even while walking.

Dehydration Can Cause Hypernatremia, Especially In Nursing Homes

Hydration is critical to life, particularly in the elderly. According to Reuters, nursing home patients are more likely to be dehydrated than their counterparts of the same age in the community. As we grow older, the ability for our bodies to feel thirst as a sign of dehydration reduces. And, on top of that, it's more difficult for our bodies to regulate temperature when we are dehydrated. However, it's important to understand that severe dehydration can cause a serious health condition called hypernatremia that could result in death, particularly in the elderly.