3 Situations That Warrant A Life Insurance Lawsuit

Death is a hard subject for many to deal with, but unfortunately, it's a reality you must face at some point. As if this situation couldn't get any worse, your loved one's life insurance policy may get denied. Here are several situations that would constitute a life insurance lawsuit. 

Purposeful Errors in the Application 

When your loved one filled out their application to receive life insurance benefits for the family, the insurance agent working with them may purposely made errors or omitted critical personal information. In either case, the company could then say that it was your loved one who made the errors and deny their claim. 

In this case, you need to work with a life insurance attorney. This professional can gather records of their application, and examine them in great detail to prove the agent's guilty part in this matter. Not only will you receive benefits for their negligence, but the lawyer may escalate matters and take the agent to court for their illegal act.

Didn't Breach the Contract  

Before you're loved one signed up for their life insurance policy, they had to read through an extensive contract listing what would void their policy. If you feel like your loved one didn't breach their contract, yet were still denied their entitled benefits, you should take immediate legal action.

With the help of a life insurance lawyer, you can prove that nothing in the contract was broken. They'll show your loved one took the necessary actions to maintain their health, through doctor appointments and tests. The attorney can also show that their death wasn't the result of risky behavior, which is often considered a breach in contract.  

Overdue Benefits

Sometimes the life insurance claim isn't denied, but the insurance company drags their feet throughout the entire process. If your family is like many Americans today, you can't wait too long for these benefits because you have to take care of important matters like funeral costs.

Life insurance attorneys will make sure the insurance company works as efficiently as possible. Your attorney takes care of everything, from double-checking the paperwork to maintaining constant communications with the insurance company. They can even threaten legal action if benefits are not paid in a timely manner.

Dealing with death in the family is hard enough. You shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the life insurance company will pay the claim. You don't have to if you hire a skilled attorney, who is adept at dealing with these particular legal claims. For more information, contact a local attorney, such as Scott E. Shaffman Attorney At Law.