Types Of Injuries You Might Pick Up In A Tanning Salon

Indoor tanning isn't exactly as safe as most of the places offering them would want you to believe. Some of the injuries you might pick up during indoor tanning sessions are as a direct result of the tanning salons' negligence. Here are some of those injuries:

Skin Burns

Burns to the skin are some of the most common complications from tanning beds. In fact, even "safe" tanning is basically a burn to the body; it occurs when the skin cells are burned and affected by radiation. The real damage, however, occurs when the burning isn't controlled and severe damage occurs to the skin.

Here are some ways in which a tanning salon may be liable for your skin burns:

  • Using improperly calibrated machines that emit dangerously high levels of radiation
  • Allowing you to stay in the tanning bed for too long
  • Allowing you to come into direct contact with the tanning bulbs

Eye Damage

It is not just your skin that can be directly damaged during a negligent tanning session; even your eyes can suffer serious damage too. In fact, your eyes are more sensitive even than your skin, and they should be protected from the radiation throughout the whole tanning session. Unfortunately, there are tanning salons that claim to have revolutionary tanning machines that emit safe radiation levels that don't require eye protection. Such claims are negligent, and you are entitled to compensation if your eyes are injured in such tanning establishments. You may also have a claim against a salon if it provides you with defective eye protection goggles and you end up with eye injuries.


Negligent tanning can also leave you with a heatstroke. A heatstroke is a condition in which your body is unable to regulate its internal temperature as it usually does; it can lead to impairment of various body organs. Classical symptoms of heatstroke include headaches, nausea, and dizziness. The same negligent actions that can cause skin burns can also lead to heatstroke. Other possible causes of heatstroke include inadequate ventilation and poor air conditioning.  


Because tanning salons are used by many people, they handle considerable dirt and germs on a daily basis. This is why the management is supposed to keep the tanning areas clean and sanitized. If that doesn't happen, it is possible for you to pick up infections from the tanning salon, and the salon will be responsible for your injuries.

If you are injured during a tanning session, and you think your injury could have been prevented, you deserve to seek compensation from the liable party. Consult a personal injury lawyer, like one from Campbell, Dille, Barnett & Smith, P.L.L.C., to help you explore your options.