How To Increase Your Odds Of Collecting From A Bicycle Hit-And-Run Accident

Hundreds of bicyclists are struck and killed by motorists each year and thousands of bicyclists suffer serious injuries. If you are injured while riding your bicycle, the motorist might even drive off and leave you to attend to your injuries. After this incident, there are still steps you can take to seek compensation for your injuries with a personal injury lawyer.

Determining Who Was at Fault

There are several bicycle laws you must follow that can vary from state-to-state. If you have violated one of these laws during an accident, you may be held partially to blame and your compensation for the bicycle accident will be limited.

For example, in some states, if the bicyclist is riding on a road, they must ride in the same direction as the traffic. Because you will move more slowly than other vehicles, you must drive on the right side of the road. Remaining on the right side also reduces the odds that you will be hit by a car. However, if you are attempting to avoid horrible road conditions or if you are making a left-hand turn, you may be allowed to ride on the left side of the road temporarily. 

While a sidewalk may seem like a safer place to ride a bike, you may place pedestrians at risk. Also, some drivers may pull out of their driveways and not see you. Therefore, some local laws have criminalized riding on the sidewalk.

Responding to a Hit-and-Run

If possible, get the license plate number of the driver. Call the police and file a police report. If anyone witnessed the accident, exchange contact information. Then, see a doctor and get on the phone with a personal injury lawyer.

A hit-and-run will increase the odds that the driver will be held responsible for the accident. However, many drivers who perform hit-and-run accidents do so because they are driving without insurance. Therefore, the easier route of seeking compensation from an insurance provider will not be available. Instead, your personal injury lawyer will need to determine if the driver has any assets that you may be able to collect. 

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Ideally, you should work with a personal injury lawyer who has experience with bicycle accident cases. Fortunately, there are some attorneys who specialize in this area of practice especially in areas where hit-and-run accidents are common. Therefore, make sure to ask the personal injury attorney about bicycle cases they have handled.

For more information, reach out to a local personal injury lawyer.