Attorney Not Acting In Your Best Interest? Signs You Need To File A Formal Complaint

If you're involved in a legal battle, and you're experiencing problems with your attorney, it might be time to file a complaint. However, not all attorney/client issues meet the criteria for a formal complaint. In fact, there are specific requirements that need to be met before a formal complaint can be filed against an attorney. Read the information provided below. If you've experienced any of the issues described here, it might be time to file a formal complaint against your attorney. 

Your Attorney Has Broken Off Communication

When you're involved in a legal matter, whether civil or criminal, you need to know that you can communicate with your attorney. In most cases, you should be able to reach your attorney when you need to. When you leave a message, you should receive a call back in a timely manner. Not only that, you should hear from your attorney whenever there's a change in the case. If your attorney has broken off communication with you and you're missing out on vital information, it's time to file a complaint. 

Your Attorney Has a Conflict of Interest

When you're facing a legal battle, you need to know that your attorney has your best interest in mind at all times. Because of that, there should be no conflict of interest. A conflict of interest exists when an attorney represents opposing parties to a lawsuit, or when an attorney acts in a way that undermines your legal case. If you believe that your attorney has engaged in a conflict of interest, you need to file a complaint as soon as possible. 

Your Attorney Mishandled Your Case

If you're involved in a legal case right now, and your attorney has mishandled it, you might have grounds to file a complaint. This is especially true if attorney errors, missteps, and omissions resulted in an unfavorable outcome for you. If you believe that your attorney acted in a way that undermined your ability to succeed in your court case, don't wait any longer. File a formal complaint immediately. 

Your Attorney Kept Your Documents

Finally, if you had a dispute with your attorney, and you need to seek other legal representation, your attorney has the obligation to return all documents related to your case. If you don't have access to those documents, your new attorney won't have the information they need to help you move forward with your case. If your attorney has refused to return your documents, it's time to file a formal complaint. 

Contact a company that provides lawyer disciplinary complaint forms for more information.