Getting Legal Representation For Workers Comp Benefits

Finding a job isn't an easy task for many people, which is why they do everything to avoid getting terminated when they are able to get hired. Unfortunately, there are situations in which employees are unfairly threatened with termination, such as after getting injured on the job. For example, sometimes employers threaten their injured employees with termination as a way to prevent workers compensation claims from being filed. If you are being harassed or threatened with termination due to a job injury and inquiring about workers compensation benefits, it is in your power to stand up for your rights. Hire a workers compensation lawyer to work on your case and decrease the risk of getting denied the benefits that you deserve.

How Did You Get Injured at Work?

A lawyer will need information about your injury before determining how strong your case is, such as how the injury happened. How your injured occurred is important information because it can help your lawyer determine if you were breaking any rules by working in a negligent manner. For example, it is common for employers to have guidelines in place for their employees to follow that are meant to prevent work injuries. Another reason why you must explain how your injury happened is so your lawyer can make sure it actually happened while you were at work. You might still qualify for workers comp benefits if you were injured away from your workplace, such as if your job position requires traveling.

Are You Too Afraid to Apply for Workers Comp?

It is against the law for an employer to make an employee feel fearful about applying for workers comp benefits. For example, if you were threatened with termination after inquiring about workers comp benefits and decided to not apply, your employer could possibly get sued. It is actually possible for a lawyer to help you keep your job and get workers comp benefits no matter how your employer feels about the situation. If the workers comp benefits are denied or you get fired, then a lawyer might suggest moving forward with filing a lawsuit against your employer.

Do You Need Some Time Off to Heal?

If you need to take time off from work to heal but have continued working due to the risk of getting fired, let your lawyer know about the situation. Your employer does not have the authority to force you to continue working with an injury, especially if working is interfering with the healing process. A lawyer can help you get workers comp benefits so you can take time off from work to heal and will also assist with keeping your job. Reach out to a workers comp attorney in your area to learn more.