3 Misdemeanors That Might Be Challenging To Maneuver Without Legal Help

Some crime suspects choose to only hire lawyers to represent them when facing felony charges. This is because they believe that these are the offenses that can cause them to face severe penalties that significantly impact their futures. However, some misdemeanor charges also carry severe penalties that could ruin your life. Therefore, it is advisable to enlist the services of a legal advisor when facing these charges. Legal help is particularly essential if the police arrest you for committing the following crimes:


You can face criminal charges if someone accuses you of striking or doing anything that caused them physical harm. A complainant can also bring a claim against you if they suspect that you intend to harm them. Notably, an accusation of engaging in any of these crimes can result in you facing severe consequences if convicted. Therefore, you need legal help in the event that you're reported to the police. Once you hire an attorney, they will investigate your case and gather evidence to use in court to establish your defense.

Public Intoxication

You might also face misdemeanor charges if the police arrest you for disturbing others or endangering their lives while under the influence. In a case like this, the authorities can charge you with public intoxication. While these charges may not seem as serious as certain other misdemeanors, they can lead to serious consequences if you're convicted. For instance, the judge might issue you a huge fine, especially if you tend to threaten people after taking alcohol. As such, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to defend you if the police arrest you for public intoxication. Your attorney will know what arguments to raise in order to, for instance, help bring the penalty down to a warning or a less fine.

Driving Under the Influence

An arrest for DUI is one of the more serious misdemeanor offenses and comes with serious penalties that can seriously affect your life. However, the punishment you get will depend on the circumstances of your case. So, discussing your case with an attorney to know what consequences you might face and how to avoid them is advisable. The comprehensive discussion will also give your lawyer an idea of the strategies they can use to defend you so that you don't get a punishment that'll ruin your future.

Misdemeanors may appear as less severe offenses that might not get you harsh penalties. However, they can lead to severe punishments that affect your future. Accordingly, hire a criminal law attorney to defend you if the police arrest you on suspicion of committing them.