3 Reasons Many People Keep Their Stuff In Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a stressful decision for most people. One of the biggest concerns for many is the idea of losing their stuff. But did you know that many people see few or no assets actually liquidated? Here are three reasons why.  1. The Bankruptcy Exemptions The quickest and easiest way to prevent losing your assets is to use the bankruptcy exemption lists. These are lists published by states and the federal bankruptcy court which detail the types and values of assets that are exempt from liquidation in Chapter 7.

Pedestrian Accidents And Municipal Liability: Holding Local Authorities Accountable

Pedestrian accidents are a serious concern that can result in life-altering injuries and even fatalities. While drivers often bear responsibility for these accidents, there are cases where local authorities and municipalities may also share liability.  When inadequate infrastructure, negligent road design, or lack of proper safety measures contribute to pedestrian accidents, it becomes crucial to hold local authorities accountable for their role in ensuring pedestrian safety.  Here's what you need to know about moving forward with this kind of case.

Getting Ready To File For SSDI Benefits

If you are unable to work and have decided to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, being prepared could pay off. This type of application can be confusing and requires a good bit of information and organization. For some tips on getting your SSDI application done correctly and accurately, read on.  Preparation Steps for SSDI Benefits  Here are some steps that a claimant can take to prepare for filing an SSDI claim:

What You Need To Know About An Incentive Trust

An incentive trust is a type of trust that is designed to encourage and motivate the beneficiary to achieve certain goals or behaviors. The trust is typically created by a grantor who wants to provide financial support to their loved ones while also incentivizing them to achieve specific objectives. The following is some information on what an incentive trust is and when it may be appropriate to use one: What Is an Incentive Trust?

Can You Sue When Bad Weather Causes Injury?

No one can control the weather. So when an accident happens during bad weather, victims may wonder if and how they can be compensated for their injuries. You can't sue Mother Nature, so do you have any other options?  Yes. Here are three key things every accident victim needs to know about premises liability during weather events.  1. Bad Weather Doesn't Negate Responsibility No matter what the weather was like, don't assume that it's the end of the story.