3 Situations That Warrant A Life Insurance Lawsuit

Death is a hard subject for many to deal with, but unfortunately, it's a reality you must face at some point. As if this situation couldn't get any worse, your loved one's life insurance policy may get denied. Here are several situations that would constitute a life insurance lawsuit.  Purposeful Errors in the Application  When your loved one filled out their application to receive life insurance benefits for the family, the insurance agent working with them may purposely made errors or omitted critical personal information.

Three Reasons Why You Need To Make Your Divorce Decree VERY Specific

Ask any divorce attorney, and he/she will tell you that you need a lawyer's help when writing a divorce decree. Sure, you can do your divorce pro se, but then you will spend the next several years in and out of court with your ex resolving issues that were unresolved in your original decree. You also need to make the decree very specific. Here is why. Lack of Specificity Leaves Loopholes A lack of specificity in a divorce decree leaves interpretation loopholes.

Why Criminal Lawyers Accused of Crimes Differs from Non-Lawyers Accused of Crimes

It is rare to hear of a criminal lawyer charged with a crime, unless that lawyer is a high-profile one, such as a public defender or district attorney. It is also unusual to hear anything unless the charges are quite serious. However, if the public does hear about such a case, it becomes a thing of interest because there are quite a few differences between a lawyer going on trial and the average person going on trial.

Understanding Support Orders

While children seldom understand why their parents are divorcing, they still will feel the effects. The family courts system makes it a priority to protect these children of divorce from at least one serious impact, and that is the issue of financial well-being. If you are the divorcing parents of a minor child, one of you will be facing the child support issue, so read on to learn more. It's an order

Proving Yourself Innocent Of Domestic Violence

If you've been charged with domestic violence, you should understand these are extremely serious charges. Your first priorities are to seek legal help, get out of jail, and begin working on proving your innocence. While it may seem unfair, law enforcement has a tendency to consider domestic violence an "arrest now" offense, and it will sometimes unfairly view the situation. If you find yourself accused of this crime, you may have an uphill battle to clear your name.